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Creating Peace from the inside out.


Shalom Yoga was Founded with intention to support Freedom Within and a vision that the discovery of Inner Peace can support peace around the world.


At the heart of Shalom Yoga is the belief and understanding  that each and every individual can find freedom within,

can feel free.


Michal, the founder and a long time yoga and meditation teacher, aim to guide, coach and support personal and communal path to clearing the clutter and making space for positive change. Her teaching leads the way to unfold foundations of Inner Peace.


With deep knowledge of Yoga and Tantric Philosophy Michal’s teaching supports accessibility of freedom of the mind and physical body, allowing a rejuvenating experience of the soul, the Light within, while feeling strong and steady.


"It was love at first sight . The open heart and the desire to support the community touched my heart deeply. I was captured by the high intelligence, heart openness and the willingness to explore and interpret . All these years I am a devoted student and a dedicated certified Anusara Yoga Teacher." Michal Lichtman

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